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 Joey here lol

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PostSubject: Joey here lol   Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:31 pm

IGN: i dont know yet but will let u guys know since the server not up yet, but u guys can cal me Joey.

Hobbies: Video games: rFactor, Maplestory, DevilMayCry, FSSB (Closed, R.I.P Crying or Very sad ), GTAIV, and PC enthusiast.

About Myself: Well Im a hongkongan but stuck in college in canada. sigh. I started playing GMS couple years ago and there was no such thing as "4th job" or "pirate" I liked it, for 30 mins. Then started playing it again since last year in many different PMS servers, like sakurams, finalstory, ancientstory, haruki, etc. I guess I liked Skillzms (my name was Miyuri) the most but quite frankly none of them (maybe except finalstory) is reliable and capable of no lag and thus not ENJOYABLE. Skillzms had many awesome and convinent NPCs in fm but its lag is unbearable and simple cut you off the line if you are hitting too fast. I just hope this server is playable and last long.

I just want to be the strongest player in the server doing the most dmg, maybe setting zakum record as well LOL.
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Intermediate Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Joey here lol   Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:49 pm

Hey. Zakum record? I think I held that for Skillz before I got made GM. 4ish mins FTW! Thats all arms + bodies lol... Pwnage <3 2 zaks per onyx apple.

When this goes online, buddy me <3

Orion is what I shall be XD
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Joey here lol
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