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 The wishlist rules.

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PostSubject: The wishlist rules.   Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:02 pm

The Rules of ElectrifyingMS' Wishlist Event:

READ THIS FIRST: Wishlists will be handed out when your GM has time to give it to you unless specified by a Admin.

[Notice] So please PLEASE don't smega about wishlists unless you haven't gotten your items within 5 days. So please pick the GM you want and post a thread under his/her name. Please be patient.

1. Each *BODY* (NOT CHARACTER OR ACCOUNT) may only receive ONE Wishlist unless specified from an Admin.

1a. Failure to comply will result in the authorization all Game Masters to seize any and all Wishlist items one has received.

1b. Failure to comply with the seizure will result in the authorization of all Game Masters to ban the player in question.

2. Each Wishlist is composed of three items.

2a. Items that are stackable such as scrolls, count as one item each. Example, one GM scroll is one item, two is two.

2b. Items such as throwing stars count as one item each.

2c. Items such as potions count as one item each. And ect;

3. Each of the three items on the Wishlist require a code

4. Certain items are not allowed to be given out through the Wishlist

4a. These items are:
Wizet Invincible Hat
Wizet Plain Suit
Wizet Plain Suit Pants
Wizet Secret Agent Suitcase
Genesis Bandana
GM scrolls (Unless you get one from an event.)
*All Pets

5. Codes may be found by looking up an item on The code is located at the end of an item's individual URL. Example A code consists of seven digits, not starting with 0.

6. Wishlists can only be given out to characters that are level 120 and higher, or those who have rebirthed. This is because we want to know who is going to stay active.

7. Failure to follow any one of the rules laid out will result in the suspension of one's Wishlist (meaning that you will not be allowed to receive one).

7a. The duration of the suspension is to be decided by the Game Master in charge of handling that individual Wishlist.

7b. For the first offense, a Game Master is allowed to suspend one's Wishlist for any duration up to 3 days.

7c. For the second offense, a Game Master is allowed to suspend one's Wishlist for any duration up to 2 weeks.

7d. For the third offense, a Game Master is allowed to forever revoke one's Wishlist (meaning you will not get one at all), or to suspend it for up to one month.

If you need help finding codes, ask your friends or try this site
Go to the item you want. Look at the url. At the end of the url is the 7 digit code you're going to put into your post. If you truley cannot find the code just leave the name of the item. But please try and find it. Thank you.

I would like you to only reply to a game masters thread, and do NOT create your own thread, as they will be deleted. It is also your responsibility to find a way to contact a GM, if you DO NOT get your item within 3 days, to get your wishlist, as we are more than likely overwhelmed already.


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The wishlist rules.
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